Who is the famous comedian in Philippines? 1. Dolphy (1928 – 2012) With an HPI of 36.64, Dolphy is the most famous Comedian.

Who is the comedy queen of Philippines? 

Ai-Ai delas Alas

Does Netflix have JR de Guzman? Winner of 2016 Stand-up NBC & named as a prestigious “New Face” at Just for Laughs 2017, you can catch his quarter hour Netflix special on “The Comedy Lineup.” You can also see him on Comedy Central’s Kevin Hart Presents: Hart of the City.

What does De Guzman mean? The surname is of toponymic origin, de Guzmán (“of Guzmán“), deriving from the village of Guzmán (es) in the region of Burgos. The earliest individual documented using this surname was Rodrigo Muñoz de Guzmán, who first appears in a document from 1134 and was the founder of the noble House of Guzmán.

Who is the famous comedian in Philippines? – Additional Questions

Is Guzman a Mexican name?

Forebears pegs the Guzman surname as most frequently found in the countries of Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, El Salvador, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Colombia, followed by Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Spain.

Where can I watch JR de Guzman?

Watch The Comedy Lineup | Netflix Official Site.

How old is JR de Guzman?

Comic JR de Guzman, age 30, has stayed outside this collective amnesia. His short-term memory remains intact because his standup career has lost no momentum since his comedy set was featured in the Netflix Comedy Lineup in 2018.

How tall is JM de Guzman?

5′ 7″
JM de Guzman / Height

How tall is Piolo Pascual?

5′ 10″
Piolo Pascual / Height

How tall is Coco Martin?

5′ 7″
Coco Martin / Height

Who is the father of Sean De Guzman?

Allan Paule
Sean / Father

Allan Paule De Guzman, better known as Allan Paule, is a Filipino actor who appeared in more than 100 movies and television series. He also unsuccessfully ran for councilor of Muntinlupa from the 1st district in 2013 and in 2016.


How was Sean De Guzman discovered?

Sean De Guzman was a member of the sing and dance group Click V when veteran movie director Joel Lamangan got him to be play a supporting role in the movie Lockdown. Later, he auditioned to play the lead role of Inno in the movie Anak ng Macho Dancer. He got the job.


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