Who does Jim Jefferies have a child with? 

Hank Jefferies
Jim Jefferies / Children

What happened to the Jim Jefferies Show? As for why the show came to an end, Jim moved on to focus on producing a pilot for his upcoming NBC sitcom, where he’ll be playing a fictionalized version of himself. According to Deadline, his character will be sharing his unique take on modern life and the complexity of relationships.

Is Jim Jefferies still married? 

He created and starred in the American FX sitcom Legit (2013–2014) and the Comedy Central late-night show The Jim Jefferies Show (2017–2019).

Jim Jefferies
Occupation Comedian actor writer
Spouse(s) Tasie Lawrence ​ ​ ( m. 2020)​
Children 2
Website jimjefferies.com

Is Jim Jefferies coming to Australia? Frontier Touring and More Talent are excited to confirm one of the most successful comedians on the planet, Jim Jefferies, will return to Australia in June/July 2022.

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How long is the Jim Jefferies Show?


10 p.m. Show Length: 90 mins.

Where is Jim Jeffries from?

Sydney, Australia
Jim Jefferies / Place of birth

How old is Jim Jefferies?

45 years (February 14, 1977)
Jim Jefferies / Age

What movies has Jim Jefferies been in?

Jim Jefferies/Movies and TV shows

What school did Jim Jeffries go to?

Jim Jefferies/Education

Does Jim Jefferies have a child?

Hank Jefferies
Jim Jefferies / Children

Does Jim Jefferies have a son?

Hank Jefferies
Jim Jefferies / Son


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