Where is Australia’s Got Talent 2022? Season 10 of Australia’s Got Talent is filmed at Riverside Theatres in Parramatta in Sydney’s west.

Who won Australia’s Got Talent 2020? 

Kristy Sellars

Who judges Australia’s got talent? Australia’s Got Talent is back for 2023 and this year there welcomes two new judges with their hands on the buzzers. Comedian, author and Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams joins singer and fellow BGT judge Alesha Dixon alongside homegrown judges Kate Ritchie and Shane Jacobson.

Did Cosentino win Australia’s got talent? Background. His real name is Paul Cosentino. Cosentino is an Australian illusionist and escapologist who finished as runner-up in the 2011 season of Australia’s Got Talent. In 2013, Cosentino was a celebrity contestant on Dancing with the Stars Australia, where he was crowned the season’s winner.

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Is Cosentino real?

Paul Cosentino (born 2 November 1982) known mononymously by his stage name Cosentino, is an Australian illusionist and escapologist.

How did Cosentino get famous?

Australia’s Got Talent – Cosentino Audition

In 2011, Cosentino auditioned for Australia’s Got Talent claiming his mother got him into magic when he was just 13 by locking herself out of the house and giving him the chance to pick the lock.

Does Cosentino have a partner?

Illusionist Cosentino’s stunning girlfriend Priscilla Stavrou knows all his secrets – because she started out as his assistant! Happy couple Cosentino and Priscilla share theire Melbourne home with their Bengal cats Diamond and Dante.


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