What time should I go to a comedy show? 1) Show up whenever you want

The start time on a ticket is actually a “suggested time.” Comedians have no insecurities or repressed anger, so you can walk in whenever you’d like, loudly shuffle your way to your seat and it won’t really bother anyone.

Can you go late to a comedy show? Most live comedy shows require audience members to buy tickets. Pay attention to the start time. If you are late to the show, the comedian might comment in an attempt to embarrass you. Being late to a comedy show can interfere with the rest of the audience’s enjoyment, as you interrupt their view.

What should I wear to a comedy show? Jeans, shorts and T-shirts are totally acceptable attire at most comedy clubs. If you prefer to be a little dressier or have dinner plans before or after the show, feel free to wear dress pants and a nice shirt or a dress. Just know that looking like a wedding guest can mean feeling out of place in the club crowd.

How long is a show at comedy Cellar? Anywhere from 2 to 2.5 hours.

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Is there a drink minimum at Comedy Cellar?

There is a 2 purchase minimum but the food and drinks aren’t super expensive. Be prepared if you sit directly in front of the stage. You will get picked on by the comedians. This was the best time I ever had laughing at comedians.

How do I get past the Comedy Cellar?

The Comedy Cellar: The grand daddy of comedy clubs. This club usually requires recommendations from TWO comedy cellar regulars, OR one famous comedian recommendation like a Dave Chappelle or Ray Romano, in order to get an audition.

What does 2 drink minimum mean?

The Two Drink Minimum is a staple at comedy clubs, night clubs, Jazz clubs and bars across the United States. Its intent is to guarantee a minimum food or drink ticket for each guest and help a venue recover the cost of operations at the same time lowering the entry fee to the club or bar. (

Can I go to Comedy Cellar alone?

Re: Comedy cellar Solo ? You’ll be fine. It’s a very small, crowded space. You may be placed at a table with others.

Can you go to Comedy Cellar without a reservation?

We spent a few hours exploring the Village and ended up at the Comedy Cellar. Had no reservation but stood in the standby line and ended up with great seats for the early show. seating is very tight but its part of the charm. All three comedians and the MC were very different and very funny in their own way.

Is the Village Underground the same as the Comedy Cellar?

This refers to the club’s initial, 150-person-capacity location, opened by his late father and situated below its affiliated enterprise, the Olive Tree Cafe and Bar. That is the new Comedy Cellar at the Village Underground, a basement venue just around the corner on West 3rd Street that Dworman purchased in 2000.

How many seats are in the Comedy Cellar?

It’s also small compared to many other clubs, with a capacity of around just 150.

What is the main Comedy Cellar?

The Comedy Cellar is a comedy club in Manhattan where many top New York comedians perform. It is widely considered to be the best comedy club in the country. It was founded in 1982 by then stand-up comedian, and current television writer/producer Bill Grundfest.

What is the most famous comedy club in NYC?

1. The Comic Strip Live, Upper East Side. Facebook / The Comic Strip. The Comic Strip Live opened in 1975, and is therefore the longest running showcase comedy club in NYC, and the world.

What is the most famous comedy club?

The Hollywood Improv, Los Angeles

As arguably the best-known comedy club in the world, the West Coast flagship of this New York-bred chain benefits from its strategic perch on Melrose Avenue.

Which venue is best Comedy Cellar?

Comedy Cellar on MacDougal street is iconic and most sought after. You usually have to request tickets online, well in advance for the dates you want. The talent is good, it’s above average comedians for NYC. Around the corner is Village Underground.

What Gotham All Stars?

A professional Showcase featuring comics from Netflix, Showtime, HBO, The Daily Show, The Tonight Show, Late Night, The Late Show, The Late Late Show & various TV shows and films.

Who performs at Gotham Comedy Club?

Headliners who often drop by his New Talent Shows include: Jerry Seinfeld, Louis CK, Dave Chappelle, Jon Stewart, Chris Rock, Lewis Black, Ray Romano, Rosie O’Donnell, Colin Quinn, Sherri Sheperd, Joy Behar, Robert Klein, Denis Leary, Caroline Rhea, Darrell Hammond, and many others.

Who owns the Gotham Comedy club?

Currently owned and operated by brothers Chris and Steven Mazzilli, who teamed up in 2005, the club has launched the careers of some of the biggest stars in Comedy like Jim Gaffigan and Amy Schumer while serving as the NYC home to heavyweights Jerry Seinfeld, Gaffigan, Sebastian Maniscalco and Trevor Noah.

What is the Gotham All Stars weekend?

A professional Showcase featuring comics from Netflix, Showtime, HBO, The Daily Show, The Tonight Show, Late Night, The Late Show, The Late Late Show & various TV shows and films.

What comedy club did Seinfeld start?

Jerry Seinfeld used to perform stand up at the Catch A Rising Star Comedy Club, which is now the Vudu Lounge at 1487 1st Avenue. In the late 90’s the club was located at 253 W. 28th Street, which was seen in the show.

Why is Seinfeld so popular?

Seinfeld pioneered a more episodic style. Sure, it might have had season-long running gags and it might have made callbacks to prior events on the show, but it focused on brand new storylines every week. It’s this approach that makes Seinfeld so easy to rewatch now.


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