What should I listen to while driving? You might find some hidden gems that you’d forgotten about! Speeches: Feel like brushing up on your history? Cue up some famous speeches to keep you company on your drive. Language apps: If you want to make it the most productive road trip ever, try learning a new language while driving.

What should I listen to while driving long distance Reddit? 

I’m always on the hunt for new music to listen to while I drive.

Some picks from my Autobahn playlist:

  1. The Kids Aren’t Alright (The Offspring)
  2. Bundy (Animal Alpha)
  3. Flux (Bloc Party)
  4. Firestarter (The Prodigy)
  5. Rollin’ (Limp Bizkit)
  6. Chop Suey! (System Of A Down)
  7. Ready Steady Go (Oakenfold)
  8. Devil Trigger (Casey Edwards)

Where can I listen to stand up? 

Top Comedy Stations
  • Easy 1350 WCHI. Chillicothe’s Easy Listening Station.
  • 24/7 Comedy Legends. Funniest stand-up of all time.
  • 24/7 Black Comedy. Saluting African American Comedians.
  • Comedy Beast Radio. Everything Comedy – Live365.
  • 98.1 The Breeze. SF Bay’s Relaxing Favorites at Work.

What do you listen to on a cross country road trip? 

Hit the Open Highway with the Best Road Trip Listens to Hear This Summer
  • The Road Trip. By Beth O’Leary. The Road Trip.
  • The Sea in the Sky. By Jackson Musker.
  • The Final Revival of Opal & Nev. By Dawnie Walton.
  • New Found Land: The Long Haul. By Austin Grossman, Neal Stephenson, Sean Stewart.
  • Greenlights. By Matthew McConaughey.

What should I listen to while driving? – Additional Questions

What can you do on a 12 hour car ride?

15 Things to Do on a Long Car Ride (Besides Playing ‘I Spy’)
  • Listen to a podcast.
  • Or try an audiobook.
  • Play the state license plate game.
  • Take a rest.
  • Play Mad Libs.
  • Watch a movie.
  • Have a snack.
  • Connect with each other.

What is the best cruising in the car song?

Best road trip songs, ranked
  1. ‘Born to Run’ by Bruce Springsteen.
  2. ‘Little Red Corvette’ by Prince.
  3. ‘Here I Go Again’ by Whitesnake.
  4. ‘Where the Streets Have No Name’ by U2.
  5. ‘Love Shack’ by the B-52s.
  6. ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd.
  7. ‘I Drove All Night’ by Cyndi Lauper.
  8. ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman.

What are fun things to take on a road trip?

15 Totally Unexpected Things You Need For Your Next Road Trip
  • CarLashes.
  • Mobile Inflatable Bed.
  • Fast Food Finder App.
  • Car Swivel Tray.
  • Programmable LED Car Sign.
  • Expandable Car Clothes Hanger Bar.
  • Pet Seat Cover.
  • Bubbles.

How do you prepare for a cross-country road trip?

10 Road Trip Survival Tips for a Cross-Country Move
  1. Plan Out Your Main Stops Ahead of Time.
  2. Double-Check Your Roadside Assistance Options.
  3. Stock Up on Snacks and Water.
  4. Create Custom Playlists Ahead of Time.
  5. Download an Audiobook or Podcast Series.
  6. Maximize Your Rest Stops.
  7. Go Out to a Nice Dinner.
  8. Bring Your Own Pillow.

What is it like to drive cross-country?

Driving across the country can be time-consuming and tiring, and also quite dangerous. Staying behind the wheel for long gets both your body and your mind too tired. At some point the exhaustion is so heavy you may stop seeing any of the beauty around. Keep this in mind when preparing and deciding your route.

How do you plan a cross-country road trip?

Read on for six important road trip tips to consider before you embark on your own cross-country drive.
  1. Road Trip Tip #1: Determine the Length of Your Trip.
  2. Road Trip Tip #2: Pick Key Stops.
  3. Road Trip Tip #3: Map Your Route.
  4. Road Trip Tip #4: Book Some, But Not All, Lodging.
  5. Road Trip Tip #5: Make a Packing List.

How many hours a day should I drive on a road trip?

How many miles should you drive a day on a road trip? Many experts say that as a general rule, you shouldn’t drive more than 8 hours a day. I’ll be honest though, I drive much further than that all the time. I frequently make road trips where I’m driving 10-12 hours a day.

How much money do you need to road trip across America?

Our road trip across America cost us $2,382, or an average of $149/day between both of us for a 16-day road trip across the US. It’s more than the $125/day that we planned on for our USA road trip budget, but we’re not kicking ourselves for it.

What is the average cost of a cross country road trip?

Let’s talk about money – you might ask “how much does a cross country road trip cost?” It depends on a few factors: the length of your trip, where you want to go, what you want to see…etc. Some people could spend as little as $2500 for a 15-day trip.

What is the cheapest way to travel across America?

When it comes to traveling cross-country on a budget, flying can actually be the most cost-effective way, especially when deals arise. Traveling by bus or train also give you a way to get from one coast to another without spending a fortune.

What is the best time of year to drive cross-country?

The off-peak seasons of spring and fall tend to be the best times to drive, providing mild temperatures and perfect weather for both sight-seeing and cruising. However, to avoid pitfalls, check the weather daily during your cross-country road trip.

What is considered a long road trip?

To me, anything that involves a journey for an entire day – even if it is just there and back in the same day – qualifies as a road trip. Note: I personally like longer road trips, e.g. longer than two weeks.

What should you not do on a road trip?

10 Things You Should Never Do On A Road Trip!
  • Don’t pick the wrong travel buddy.
  • Don’t underestimate your budget.
  • Don’t rent or drive a terrible car.
  • Don’t put your feet on the dashboard.
  • Don’t spend hours on a playlist.
  • Don’t rely on one GPS.
  • Don’t drive familiar roads.
  • Don’t assume on-time arrivals.

Can you drive 700 miles in a day?

Can You Drive 700 Miles In A Day? You can drive 700 miles in a day by maintaining an average driving speed of 50mph for 14 hours. If you take frequent rest breaks amounting to 3 hours this would lead to a total travel time of 17 hours. It is strongly advised to have a second driver to avoid driver fatigue.

How long is too long driving?

As a general rule, it’s safe to drive for no longer than eight hours a day, taking breaks of at least 15 minutes every two hours. This means you can safely drive for around 500 miles, not taking into account external factors such as slowing for tolls, traffic, travelling with children, and tiredness.

Do cars need to rest?

A car doesn’t mechanically need rest if it is well maintained, and in a good state of repair. Breaks from the road, however, are important for your own safety, health, and level of alertness. Take a break every couple of hours to stretch your legs, and keep on top of the engine, tires, and fluid checks.

How can I drive 24 hours straight?

These tips for long drives will help you down the road.
  1. Get plenty of sleep before your drive. Think about exhaustion before you begin your journey, not after.
  2. Bring healthy road trip snacks.
  3. Stay hydrated.
  4. Plan your rest stops.
  5. Chew gum.
  6. Use energizing scents.
  7. Sit up straight.
  8. Keep passengers entertained.


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