How long does a Donnie Baker show last? Donnie Baker comedy sets are generally about 90 minutes.

Is Donnie Baker Floyd the trucker? Besides Donnie, he’s also Floyd the trucker, brash business traveler Kenny Tarmac, the dimwitted Rick (a new character), and he impersonates celebrities Steven Seagal, James Gandolfini, Charles Barkley and Dr.

Who plays Donnie Baker? Donnie Baker, real name Ron Sexton, is a comedy character that is ‘trapped in the eighties’ and ‘will never admit defeat. ‘ With known catchphrases such as ‘I’ll say it right to your face’, ‘I swear to God’ and ‘State Law! ‘ Sexton plays the perfect archetype of the Kentucky redneck caricature.

Who is Ron Sexton? Ron Sexton is an actor and writer, known for Donnie Baker’s World (2016), The Bob & Tom Show (2008) and Donnie Baker Live (2009).

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What is Tom Griswold salary?

Tom Griswold net worth and salary: Tom Griswold is an American radio host who has a net worth of $15 million dollars and salary of $4 million per year.

Tom Griswold Net Worth.

Net Worth: $15 Million
Salary: $4 Million Per Year
Date of Birth: Apr 22, 1953 (69 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Film Producer, Screenwriter, Actor

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What comedian stormed out of Bob and Tom show?

On January 11, 2016, Lee announced that she was leaving The Bob and Tom Show.

Kristi Lee
Lee in 2008
Born Indianapolis, Indiana
Show The Bob & Tom Show

How much does Kristi Lee make?

Kristi Lee Net Worth
Net Worth: $1.5 Million
Salary: $300 Thousand

Why did Bob Kevoian leave the Bob & Tom Show?

Did Chick McGee leave Bob and Tom?

In January 1995, Chick left The Bob and Tom Show to become co-host of a show called Kevin & McGee at KGB-FM in San Diego, California.

When did Bob leave the Bob & Tom show?

The induction ceremony took place on November 5, 2015, at the Museum of Broadcast Communications in downtown Chicago. During his induction speech, Bob announced his retirement effective at the end of 2015. Bob’s last day on the air was December 17, 2015.

Who is Tom Griswold’s wife?

Betsy Griswold
Tom Griswold / Wife

Who owns the Bob and Tom show?

Owned by Clear Channel Communications, a media conglomerate which owns 850 radio stations, the program enjoys extensive popularity. The program has frequently received recognition by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) as an exemplar in American radio.

Is The Bob & Tom show Still On?

Join us every morning on your local station, our mobile app on iOS or Android, or YouTube! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and stream the show live every morning from 6 AM Eastern to 10 AM and watch the replay anytime. Tune in every night at 8 PM to see highlights of today’s show on […]

Who has Kristi Lee been married to?

Jack Woodlock
Kristi Lee / Spouse (m. 1989–1995)

Is Dean Metcalf still on Bob and Tom?

The Bob and Tom Show has producer Dean Metcalf. Dean joined the show as an intern in 1988 and never left. In fact as the producer of the show his role is critical.

How old is Kristi Lee?

62 years (July 17, 1960)
Kristi Lee / Age

Who is the new girl on Garage Squad?

MotorTrend announced the addition of Bogi Lateiner, an ASE master certified technician and host of ALL GIRLS GARAGE, to the GARAGE SQUAD team. Bogi joins as co-host alongside National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) driver Bruno Massel and lead mechanic Joe Zolper who are now in their 8th season as co-hosts of the series.

What is Kristi Lee’s real name?

Lee’s off-air name is Theresa Ritz. She graduated from Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis, attended Indiana University and worked as a TV engineer at WRTV Channel 6 in Indianapolis for six years before joining Q95 as a part-time disc jockey. She began working full-time on “The Bob & Tom Show” in 1989.

Where is Tom from The Bob and Tom show?

According to the Bob & Tom Show Twitter, Tom is recovering from heart surgery. “Tom underwent a scheduled procedure for his heart and the fix ended up being more extensive than planned, but he is doing very well,” the post begins. “He will be back on the show in a few weeks.

Why is Tom Griswold not on the air?

Originally planned as a repair procedure, Griswold’s doctors determined that a valve replacement would provide a better long-term outcome for the Indianapolis-based radio personality. Griswold was off the air for several weeks as he recovered at an Indianapolis hospital and then at home.

Is Josh Arnold still on Bob and Tom?

Joshua Matthew Arnold (born May 16, 1978) is a radio personality who appears on The Bob & Tom Show. He is originally from Fenton, Missouri.


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